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“The best part is the shitty photocopied paintings!” –Natalie C., NY
“Do you really have a friend that looks like that?” –Dan L., NY
“This magazine is so good I just wanna chew its hair, maybe spoon it for like an hour and a half.” –Justin S., NY
“I see that you like puns. I do too!” –Leo S., NY


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Easy-on-the-eyes impressionable intern sought for two junior artists working in New York.
Duties include cleaning brushes, putting away things in my room, filing, faxing, researching, coffee, gold-leafing, sourcing pelts, spellchecking, separating facts from fictions, aggregating cutest cute animal photos from the internets daily, &c.
Must be able to lift heavy objects and reach high places.
May have opportunity to curate an ipod playlist.

Internship is unpaid, but we offer ample afternoon nap time, water, whiskey, occasional snacks, and unlimited access to the fount of knowledge.

Sense of humor, love for animals are imperative; sweet knees and soft elbows are pluses.

Here are some images, and some questions

room1 room2
room3 room4

Why is the hair product on the work desk?
What is that cereal bowl doing there?
Why are the jeans on the filing cabinet?
Does pushing piles of books along the dresser actually make them go away?

Internship will be awarded to the candidate with the most incisive response.

Please submit cover letter and cv to: